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When to Pay for a Sponsored Blog Post — A Quick Reference Guide Monday, Sep 21, 2015 Kelly Fletcher Clients often ask us when paying a blogger for placement is appropriate, and my answer is — it depends. The landscape has changed dramatically over the past 2-3 years with more and more bloggers demanding fees or free merchandise in exchange for writing about your product or service. Bloggers can be a powerful tool in […] See More
3 Reasons Blogger Campaigns Work When Marketing to Women Thursday, Sep 3, 2015 Kelly Fletcher We recently attended the BlogHER conference in New York City and were surrounded by social influencers like Gwyneth Paltrow (check out her blog, GOOP), and Christy Turlington Burns (check out her non-profit, Every Mother Counts). In the midst of thousands of female bloggers, I was once again reminded why we spend so much time on […] See More
In Social Media, Timing is Everything. Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 Abby Christensen Social media is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. You fall down the stairs in the library, and in five minutes the video is posted on Facebook (and tagged, of course). You meet your favorite musician and forget how to spell your name (or maybe that’s just me), and the whole 140-character tale enters the Twitter-sphere […] See More
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