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Women: Master Multipliers Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015 Lisa Bamford Most brands and industries have become increasingly aware of the need to create messaging and marketing strategies that specifically speak to women. So just how powerful is the female consumer? I’ve been captivated by the spotlight on Emma Watson and her humbly moving (even if a bit nervous sounding) speeches about gender equality. Yet her […] See More
More from @BridgetBrennan, author of “Why She Buys” Friday, Oct 28, 2011 Kelly Fletcher We’ve mentioned Bridget Brennan and her wildly popular book “Why She Buys” here on the Her Voice blog before, in discussions about gender and its effects on consumer behavior as well as how friendships between women play a role in the shopping experience. Brennan recently spoke candidly about her thoughts and expanded on some of […] See More
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