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Growth and Advice from Our Spring 2015 Intern, Rebecca Horky Monday, Apr 20, 2015 admin The last four months of my internship at Fletcher has helped shape me into the career woman I’ve been inspired to be. It wasn’t a “Grab six non-fat lattes before you come into work,” internship. It was a get-it-done and do-it-right sort of gig. There’s little time for errors in the world of PR, and […] See More
8 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media—Part 1 Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 Chris Martin I recently gave a presentation on social media at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. Due to the response I got and considering the amount of work that went into putting the presentation together, I thought others might find this information useful as a blog. Since it’s a bit long, I’m going to split this into […] See More
Jewelry Television Leaves Its Mark on the Big Apple Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 Abby Christensen Fashion Week is one the most stressful but pivotal weeks for the industry, where trends are forecasted and revolutionized by a single detail in fabric, accessory or hairstyle. With our client Jewelry Television, we host an event each year with similar pretenses but without all the stress of bouncing around town and numerous wardrobe changes […] See More
How the Loss of Net Neutrality Could Affect Marketers Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 Chris Martin You may have recently seen in the news that the D.C. Court of Appeals made a ruling that could end net neutrality. This has the potential to have large implications for everyone who uses the Internet, but what does it mean to marketers specifically? See More
Is Miley Cyrus a Genius Marketer? Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 Chris Martin Is Miley Cyrus a Genius Marketer? - Miley has become a lightning rod lately, attracting accusations of drug abuse, hypersexuality and erratic behavior. Guilty of the aforementioned crimes or not, I think Miley Cyrus is a genius marketer. See More
4 Common Brand Messaging Mistakes by Marketers (and how to avoid them) Tuesday, Aug 6, 2013 Alexandra We market to women, and although that may seem like a small niche to reach (it’s not, read here), marketing in general can fall on deaf ears if any of these common brand messaging mistakes take place. See More
Social Media Meets the Met Friday, Feb 18, 2011 Kelly Fletcher For almost 150 years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been at the forefront of American art museums, establishing itself as a leader in the museum world. Arguably the most recognized art museum in this country, it has seen its share of leadership come and go, most recently with Thomas Campbell in his third year […] See More
Happy New Year from FletcherPR! Thursday, Dec 30, 2010 Kelly Fletcher As we enter a new year, it is the perfect time to take a look at how your organization is implementing marketing strategies to reach a greater, more defined audience and ultimately grow your business. Maybe you are having trouble getting the word out about a fabulous product or service your company offers. Maybe you lack a web […] See More
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