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Tips to Improve Twitter Engagement Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015 Katie Stephens Creating a strong voice for your brand on Twitter can be a great method to reach a large target audience. The social media platform is one of the most active, with more than 300 million monthly users. But do you ever feel like your tweets are only hitting sub par? Getting your brand’s Twitter audience actively […] See More
5 Marketing “Must Haves” for Startups Monday, Oct 5, 2015 Cheryl Ball You start with a good idea, and it turns out, others think it’s good too. The tricky part is getting the word out so that people hear about your new company and understand what value it brings to the marketplace. Entrepreneurs are sometimes so focused on their product or service that marketing becomes an afterthought. […] See More
5 Rules for Marketing to Women Friday, Sep 25, 2015 Kelly Fletcher When it comes to marketing, many companies and organizations fail to recognize the vast influence of female consumers, or worse yet, classify women as a ‘niche’ market. Not only do women control approximately 85% of purchasing decisions in the U.S., they are increasingly populating the ranks of management; thereby impacting decisions in the B2B environment […] See More
3 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid Monday, Sep 14, 2015 Claudette Sariya There’s no doubt that with a 4.21% engagement rate, businesses and brands are flocking to Instagram with the hopes of increasing brand awareness and audience engagement. But as with all social media platforms, if you aren’t following best practices, you could damage your brand image and reputation. Here are three major Instagram mistakes to avoid […] See More
8 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media—Part 3 Wednesday, Apr 1, 2015 Chris Martin This is the final edition of the 8 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media blog series. If you missed part 1 or part 2, give them a look to get the full picture of this special series. They don’t use hashtags. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to increase the organic reach of your […] See More
8 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media—Part 2 Tuesday, Mar 10, 2015 Chris Martin In January, I gave a presentation on social media at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. Due to the response I got, I thought I would share it on the Fletcher blog. This is part 2; if you missed part 1, be sure to check it out. They’re all business all the time. Companies don’t usually […] See More
International Women’s Day is March 8th – Why We Care Wednesday, Mar 4, 2015 Kelly Fletcher At Fletcher, we’ve built our business around understanding women, what drives women, and how to market to women effectively and responsibly. So yesterday, when YouTube launched a global initiative in celebration of International Women’s Day, we took note. The goal of the ‪#‎DearMe campaign is to inspire and empower young girls. Teen girls today face more […] See More
In Social Media, Timing is Everything. Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 Abby Christensen Social media is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. You fall down the stairs in the library, and in five minutes the video is posted on Facebook (and tagged, of course). You meet your favorite musician and forget how to spell your name (or maybe that’s just me), and the whole 140-character tale enters the Twitter-sphere […] See More
8 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media—Part 1 Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 Chris Martin I recently gave a presentation on social media at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. Due to the response I got and considering the amount of work that went into putting the presentation together, I thought others might find this information useful as a blog. Since it’s a bit long, I’m going to split this into […] See More
Social Media Day Thursday, Jun 27, 2013 Abby Christensen Social media has changed how we communicate with people and how often. From photos of our delicious breakfast to staying connected with loved ones all over. See More
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