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The Power of Social Media: How One Tweet Crashed the Stock Market Friday, Apr 26, 2013 Chris Martin We’ve all heard the phrase “loose lips sink ships” before. Now the phrase “loose tweets sink markets” can be coined, as long as you don’t mind if your idioms don’t rhyme. On Tuesday, Apr. 24, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Associated Press’s official Twitter account. The hacker group then tweeted there had been an […] See More
Reaching Women Through the Power of Social Media Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 Heather Ripley Let’s face it. Women are social. We like to talk about ourselves, and we like our friends to listen to our opinions. According to a recent article by The Huffington Post, “100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures from 2012,” 85% of women are annoyed by their friends on Facebook. While it is true – […] See More
Marketing to Women with Good Content Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 Heather Ripley If your company is marketing to women online, you need good content on social media. Sometimes good content is silly. (Think Grumpy Cat or Boo the Dog.) I’m not recommending that all of you brand managers out there start posting Grumpy Cat to your Facebook page. My point is simply this – good content is […] See More
The Year That Was: Social Media in 2012 Thursday, Jan 3, 2013 Heather Ripley 2012 was a big year for brands on social media. As more and more people and businesses put themselves on the internet, social media marketing continues to grow. Looking back at the year that was, we saw several developments in this still-burgeoning area of marketing. Facebook surpassed one billion users, Pinterest went from niche to […] See More
Ladies Love Social Media Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Sometimes it’s difficult to remember a time before social media. We’re all so connected these days, it would be tough to experience anything to the contrary. In 2005, one study found that only 5% of internet users utilized social media. Just six short years later that number is 65%. When this statistic is broken down […] See More
Marketing to Women Consumers…There’s an app for that! Monday, Mar 14, 2011 Kelly Fletcher   Apps, short for applications, was the word of the year for 2010. According to a recent story on the popular show CBS Sunday Morning, apps are changing the world as we know it. Apps allow us to use our mobile devices as mini-computers and the development of new apps each day acts as a […] See More
Social Media Use in Small Businesses Marketing to Women Friday, Mar 4, 2011 Kelly Fletcher There’s no question that social media is here to stay. If your small business (or large one for that matter) isn’t using some form of social media to connect and engage with your audience, you’re missing out. It’s not too late to join the game, but if you are curious as to how other businesses […] See More
For the Sake of Social Media Marketing to Women Friday, Feb 11, 2011 Kelly Fletcher PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) released its new social media policy this week with the hopes that it will offer a unified voice to govern the organization’s social media efforts. The entire world is buzzing over the use of social media these days, from organizing protests in Egypt to what Ashton Kutcher had for […] See More
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