Shop LC

The Plan

The Plan

Create content for original “Red Carpet” programming for ongoing promotions.

Elevate the Shop LC brand in the fashion and media industries as an interactive, integrated retailer focused on the fine jewelry, beauty and fashion categories.

Broker partnership between established designer Zang Toi and Shop LC as the exclusive jewelry sponsor for his New York Fashion Week show.

Promote the New York Fashion Week experience through lens of Shop LC via live social content and engagement.

Curate on-air and online content throughout the New York trip with interviews, branded behind the scenes tours, model photos and guest experiences.

Shop LC debut on the Zang Toi runway at New York Fashion Week with Shop LC jewelry a prominent participant.

More than 20 promotions have been created from content during the event including sales, show programming, online promotions and social media campaigns. Additional promos are expected throughout 2017.

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