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At Fletcher, our expertise is grounded in the practice of public relations and content creation. Over the years we’ve expanded our service offerings out of the need to be more involved in the creation of the core marketing strategies that were driving our PR efforts. Today, we work with a wide range of companies to define, execute, and measure part of all of their marketing strategy. We combine our passion for content creation with a sophisticated approach to marketing, pr and social strategies that drive women to take action.

Founded in 2008, Fletcher is an award-winning, national agency with offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. Our demonstrated strength lies in influencing the decision-making processes and buying power of busy women as they consider everything from cars to health insurance to charitable giving, to which pest control service they should call.

Our culture insists on quality and service. We are passionate about changing the way businesses and organizations think about communicating with women in order to achieve their goals.

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