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Fletcher Marketing PR is a full-service communications firm, specializing in integrated marketing strategies that resonate with women to produce measurable results. Our expertise is grounded in the ethical practice of public relations. We create compelling multimedia content that tells your brand story in a way that converts consumers into advocates.

Team Fletcher is a curated group of seasoned marketing and business strategists with decades of collective experience and earned expertise. We’re small but mighty. Our skills complement each other’s and allow us to synthesize our talents on behalf of our clients.

Our corporate culture demands impeccable quality and uber-attentive service. We nurture relationships and watch them grow. At Fletcher, we’re passionate about changing the way businesses and organizations communicate with diverse audiences of women. There is no cookie cutter solution. It’s not one size fits all, y’all. 

So, what do you say? Let’s turn traditional marketing on its head. Let’s shape shift and reimagine communications. Together.

At Fletcher, our expertise is rooted in the ethical practice of public relations. Over the years we’ve expanded our service offerings to reflect a holistic approach. We facilitate the alignment of your organization’s core business values and goals with your communication needs, in order to achieve your desired outcomes. It’s an immersive approach to branding and messaging that works.

Today, we collaborate with a wide range of companies, across business verticals – in hyper-local and far-flung places – to create, implement and measure integrated marketing communications plans. We combine our passion for content creation with deep expertise in public relations to torque your business plan and generate results. In other words, we drive women to take action that benefits your brand. Because that’s what success looks like. 

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