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The Girlfriends Niche when Marketing to Women Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Our society and the practices we adhere to are constantly evolving with the times. With the advances in technology, everything seems to move at a quicker pace. Online dating has become as much or more popular than traditional methods and distance education via virtual classrooms now provide students with the same degrees they previously obtained […] See More
Smart Thoughts….on Social Media! Friday, Jan 14, 2011 Kelly Fletcher “We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it” -Erik Qualman (Social Media Guru & Author) See More
Marketing to Women: Your Virtual Image Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 Kelly Fletcher The above quote is from a great book by Brian Solis & Deirdre Breakenridge called Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media is Reinventing the Aging Business of PR. It’s definitely something to consider as social media continues to permeate many aspects of our society. If virtually everything we do online is visible to somebody, […] See More
Trusting Social Media in Public Relations & Marketing to Women Thursday, Nov 18, 2010 Kelly Fletcher Social media, while once the wave of the future, is now here to stay. In this day and age, if an organization doesn’t have and maintain a Facebook page, we just don’t know what to think. When we want to tag a brand in a post, whether it be for professional or personal purposes, if […] See More
Social Media Marketing to Women: More than just buzz Thursday, Sep 30, 2010 Kelly Fletcher These days our lives are inundated with buzzwords like “social media” “social networking” “blogosphere,” but what does all of this stuff really have to do with you? If you represent a company selling a product to consumers, specifically women, these phrases have quite a lot to do with you and your bottom line. Research shows […] See More
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