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Tips to Improve Twitter Engagement Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015 Katie Stephens Creating a strong voice for your brand on Twitter can be a great method to reach a large target audience. The social media platform is one of the most active, with more than 300 million monthly users. But do you ever feel like your tweets are only hitting sub par? Getting your brand’s Twitter audience actively […] See More
The Power of Masterful Storytelling Thursday, Oct 8, 2015 Carly Harrington Just as every person has a story to tell, so does every business. How that story is told – and shared — can make all the difference when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience and making an immediate connection with them. Yet, the significance of storytelling as an effective business tool is […] See More
FletcherPR & JTV Roll into Charleston Fashion Week Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014 Kelly Fletcher It’s going to be a stiletto-inspired, action-packed week full of adventure and media relations. So let the catwalk begin! See More
My Life as an Intern Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013 Abby Christensen If you’ve kept up with our blog, you may have noticed a new author posting recently. That would be me, Abbigail the Intern. See More
Marketing to Women With Premium Water Tuesday, Jun 18, 2013 Alexandra We’ve talked about some pretty crazy things being marketed specifically to women...Now, Nestle has introduced a premium, high-end bottle of water - Resource. See More
Marketing Women Athletes Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012 Heather Ripley While it is starting to see some growth in recent years, the WNBA is still struggling to carve a niche, even after 16 years of doing business. One of the problems has been the inability of media to embrace women’s sports. A recent article in Fortune Magazine outlines this problem and some of the other issues […] See More
Keeping Current when Marketing to Women Friday, May 11, 2012 Kelly Fletcher It’s often hard to see the effects of changing styles and trends in fashion from day to day, but over a larger span of time, we can easily identify this evolution. If we said 80’s style, most people would immediately get a clear picture of what we were talking about, whether it be 80’s preppy, […] See More
More from @BridgetBrennan, author of “Why She Buys” Friday, Oct 28, 2011 Kelly Fletcher We’ve mentioned Bridget Brennan and her wildly popular book “Why She Buys” here on the Her Voice blog before, in discussions about gender and its effects on consumer behavior as well as how friendships between women play a role in the shopping experience. Brennan recently spoke candidly about her thoughts and expanded on some of […] See More
She’s SO Empowered: #MissRep Documentary via @OprahWinfreyNet Friday, Oct 21, 2011 Kelly Fletcher There’s a new documentary about the representation of women in the media and it’s really gotten people talking. The film, MissRepresentation, premiered on Oprah’s OWN Network last night and attempts to shed some light on how the mainstream media portrays women and girls. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom (pictured below with Gloria Steinem, […] See More
TV’s Portrayal of Public Relations Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011 Kelly Fletcher The workplace is a popular setting for some of today’s most beloved television shows (The Office, Law & Order, Gray’s Anatomy, and 30 Rock to name a few). From hospitals and police precincts to radio stations and automotive garages, just about every workplace imaginable has been used as a backdrop. There’s a new show on […] See More
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