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Keeping Current when Marketing to Women Friday, May 11, 2012 Kelly Fletcher It’s often hard to see the effects of changing styles and trends in fashion from day to day, but over a larger span of time, we can easily identify this evolution. If we said 80’s style, most people would immediately get a clear picture of what we were talking about, whether it be 80’s preppy, […] See More
@TheEllenShow Tailors Messages for Marketing to Women (& Men) Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Have you heard of Dr. Pepper’s new drink, marketed to men? Ellen shared the new commercial and then responded with one of her own. Gender marketing is no laughing matter, but just try to watch this without giggling! If you’re a woman, how does the Dr. Pepper 10 ad make you feel? If you’re a […] See More
More from @BridgetBrennan, author of “Why She Buys” Friday, Oct 28, 2011 Kelly Fletcher We’ve mentioned Bridget Brennan and her wildly popular book “Why She Buys” here on the Her Voice blog before, in discussions about gender and its effects on consumer behavior as well as how friendships between women play a role in the shopping experience. Brennan recently spoke candidly about her thoughts and expanded on some of […] See More
Ladies Love Social Media Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Sometimes it’s difficult to remember a time before social media. We’re all so connected these days, it would be tough to experience anything to the contrary. In 2005, one study found that only 5% of internet users utilized social media. Just six short years later that number is 65%. When this statistic is broken down […] See More
The Community of E-Commerce when Marketing to Women Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011 Kelly Fletcher How many times have you seen a commercial or ad for some fabulous line of products or fashions and gone straight to your computer or smart phone to check out the accompanying site? When a company doesn’t have a web presence or fails to offer the option of e-commerce, something just doesn’t feel quite right. […] See More
Being #PrettyPowerful Friday, Aug 19, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Anyone who is even the least bit familiar with the cosmetics industry has heard of Bobbi Brown. She has made a name for herself by offering real beauty solutions to real women, encouraging them to figure out what works best for them, instead of trying to look like someone they aren’t. Her latest campaign to […] See More
Value-Conscious Consumerism…Something to Sing About! Friday, Aug 5, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Women are bombarded with messages telling us what we should buy, how we should dress and who we should emulate. These murky waters can be daunting, especially as we are trying to raise up the next generation of confident, self-assured young ladies. Thankfully, there’s a new trend on the rise, one we’re calling “value-conscious consumerism,” […] See More
The Girls’ Club Plays a Role in Marketing to Women Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Professional networking groups have been a popular tool for business growth for many years now, but the number of these types of groups that are specifically for women is definitely on the rise. These groups, born from the desire to help women learn from each other while building their businesses and careers, owe their popularity […] See More
Marketing to Women, B2B Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 Kelly Fletcher Did you know that female-owned businesses are the fastest-growing business segment in our economy today? According to She-conomy.com, thousands of businesses owned by women are starting up every day across the country. When it comes to B2B marketing, taking this into consideration is a smart move for anyone trying to maneuver this playing field. She-conomy.com […] See More
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